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The Dissertation Research and Writing is a 4 or 5-week course which aims to give students a clear idea of the process of writing a dissertation.

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is very typical of Dickens’s representation of the class discrepancies during the era.

The novel first appeared in 1838 ad presented the story of a young boy born to a woman with no means of caring for herself.

” It is important to have an understanding of what the ‘bad man’ theory is all about.

It’s also important to be able to criticize it – to say something about whether you agree with it.

His mother dies in childbirth and he is abandoned to the orphanage and workhouse.

The twist in the story is that the boy is actually a young man who is descended from a good family line of people with wealth.

Bad-man theory is a jurisprudential doctrine or belief, according to which a bad person’s view of the law represents the best test of what exactly the law is because that person shall carefully and precisely calculate what the rules allow and operate up to the rules’ limits. This theory was first adopted by Oliver Wendell Holmes who mentioned that a society’s legal system is defined by predicting how the law affects a person, as opposed to considering the ethics or morals underlying the law.

Under this theory, the prediction is done by viewing the law in accordance with a bad man’s point of view who is not bothered about morals. Instead, such a person would be concerned about the degree of punishments certain acts will incur by the public force of law.

It is his appropriate family line that is depicted in his kindness and innocence.

The book almost makes it appear as if such a boy would have to be from an appropriate and acceptable family because he behaves so much better than the other poor boys.


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