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One should carefully understand and study the core differences between narrative and other kinds of essays in order to get a firm understanding of the purpose.Important note: A narrative essay is not quite the same thing as a short story.It is important to ensure that every character in your narrative essay contributes to the overall plot.

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Just make sure to include the most basic elements and avoid using an anticlimax (especially if you’re just learning how to write a narrative essay for college).

In summary, you should ensure that your narrative essay is interesting by including the basic elements of the plot rainbow and avoid letting the reader down with an uninteresting climax.

If the story were fictional, then this would no longer be a narrative essay but rather a short story.

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In its standard form, the narrative arc has five main phases: In literary theory, this is called Freytag's pyramid, named after Gustav Freytag, who is the person who first described this format.

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Most compelling stories start with the first phase and end with the fifth phase, passing through the other phases on the way.In general, people bond by telling each other stories, and it is through listening to stories that people develop empathy for each other and learn to see the world through another person's eyes.In fact, according to one study reported in , it was found that reading literature helped subjects develop stronger empathy and the ability to read the emotional states of others in real life.These skills were gained as a result of reading literary works with a strong narrative element (such as Hamlet or others).Writing a good narrative essay can enable you to share your experiences with others in a powerful way.Character refers to the people who are part of your story.In general, there is one main character and a few to several supporting characters.While you probably gained some experience in writing essays when you were in high school, college is a time when you will be expected to write several kinds of essays that you have not encountered before. The purpose of this guide from Ultius is to provide you with comprehensive information on how to go about writing a narrative essay.The guide will contain the following sections: By the time you are done reading this guide, you should have a solid idea of how to write a narrative essay, as well as resources you can use in order to help with writing that.The central core of the narrative essay is, of course, the story itself.It is important that you tell your story in a way that is compelling to other people.


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