Why Are Parents So Strict Thesis Statement

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They become confused and have a difficult time trusting people as they grow up into adulthood.

A parent should always think of the child in situations such as this, because sitting down and discussing the why's and how's of the situation can help heal little broken hearts.

Our parents never let us play more than the time allotted for fun time, but still being strict they let us play whether for a short time.

This made me think that they just don't cared about our studies but also about our physical state of mind and body.

Some are strict and some are equally opposite in strictness.

It is always best to be a strict parent because a child's mind is always directed to do appropriate things and this prevents child from distracting to wrongdoings.All parents have different views on how they should raise their children and different parenting methods.While having children may be "doing what comes naturally", being a good parent is much Parenting is like taking on a jobof its own, it's a job like no other where u have to offer everything from silly giggles and heart-warming smiles to harsh attitudes and angry tears.Yet not everyone is cut out to be a parent and take on such a responsibility, some people are still stuck in a habit of only thinking of themselves.So what happens when other things become the number one priority and a child comes second to last?Parents and caregivers are vital to the development and growth of children.Parents play a crucial role in every stage of childhood and can play a positive role in helping them get the best out of life.My parents' anger still lies in my mind that caused me to think hundred times before doing such a wrong thing.The strictness of a parent always prevent a child from doing the wrong thing again.Although a child can seem hurt by the splitting of parents, it's probably less painful for them to be apart then it is for them to be together.Children who are a witness to hate and loud arguing do become hurt by seeing two people whoare supposed to love each other and teaching the importance of love doing nothing but argue.


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