What Is Democracy Essay

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A basic principle of democracy is majority rule and the protection of individual and minority rights, which, although seemingly contradictory, are the very foundation of democratic government.Because a majority can win a vote under majority rule, it has been commonly argued that majority rule can lead to a tyranny of the majority.2 The concept of democracy, in its pure and its practical forms, does indeed mean ‘majority rule’.Moreover, it does not mean that individuals enjoy certain rights against the State which will trump the will of the majority.It is submitted that individuals enjoy no rights that trump the will of the majority.The reason for this assertion lies in the genesis of the individual rights themselves.The concept of democracy does indeed boil down to majority rule.Individuals will continue to enjoy certain rights against the State which will trump the will of the majority at the tolerance of and by the design of the majority view itself.. “The Rule of Law and It’s Virtue”, The Law Quarterly Review, volume 93, page 195 (1977); reprinted by Culver, Keith.However, in respect to the minority opinion (that same-sex marriages should be legal), many of the citizens in the majority group feel that same-sex couples should be allowed civil unions.As a form of government democracy requires adherence to the basic principle of majority rule, given that this is the only way to determine the will of the people as an entity.To ensure that the will of all people would be carried out and that the minority would still maintain their basic rights a system of “checks and balances” was established and the right to free speech and assembly insured through the Constitution. That is why this attitude toward government is so important.3 Demokratia, Henry George Liddell, Robert Scott, “A Greek-English Lexicon” 4 “Democracy Conference”. There are several current examples in modern societies about the concept of majority rule with respect to minority rights.


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