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It is not an abstract (which is to say, a summary of a completed dissertation) or an introductory chapter of a dissertation, but rather an attempt to describe what is planned before it has actually been done.

The following is a suggested outline for the prospectus: 1. This section may include the following elements: 3. 8-10 pages): Description of the most important available sources4.

Methodology and time line (several pages): Outline kinds of data, sources/locations of data, criteria for selection, examples of specific sources to be used [discussion of music under scrutiny], treatment of data.

The prospectus committee normally supervises the student over the course of writing the dissertation, although changes in committee members are allowed if necessary or appropriate.

Students should consult with their supervisors early to ascertain expectations for the prospectus.

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Rememember, completing a dissertation is more than hard work, but also working hard in the right direction. If this reasonates with you, please contact me using any of the forms available on this website, or via email at [email protected] Comprehensive Bibliography Once completed, the prospectus will be forwarded to the student's Dissertation Reading Committee for approval or revision.The reading committee will meet and decide on the acceptability of the dissertation proposal early in the quarter following submission of the proposal, so that the student will have the maximum time to devote to the dissertation project.You see, I’ve been down that road many, many times – in fact, personally serving as chair for over 85 graduates, plus 100’s more as advisor, committee member, and reviewer! The Department of Comparative Studies: Dissertation prospectus.As such, I know what lies ahead and can help anticipate, avoid, and push through the obstacles that await, such as the enchanted trees throwing apples, the wicked witch throwing fireballs, and the sleepy poppy flower field was for Dorothy and her forest friends. Once the student has revised the prospectus in response to the suggestion of the committee, the student should then submit the prospectus to the Supervisor for final approval.That approval should be given in writing to the student and cc’d to the departmental Chair and Graduate Coordinator.However, you’ve never been down that road and don’t know of all the dangers that await to hold you back.As a dissertation mentor/coach, this is what I do – both as faculty for major universities and for Dissertation101 clients.In general, the prospectus should be approximately 15-20 pages in length and address the following areas: • description of topic and expected contribution to the field • discussion of theoretical issues germane to the dissertation • review of primary sources • review of secondary scholarship • proposed research methodology • proposed outline of sections of the dissertation • bibliography of primary and secondary sources The student will provide the prospectus to the Supervisor within one to three months of completing the comprehensive examination.The Supervisor will distribute the prospectus to the other members of the committee and arrange a time for all to meet with the student to discuss the prospectus.


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