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There are also some lectures, which are held by visiting scholars. Joonas Uotinen: "Koetun hyvinvoinnin ulottuvuuksien tärkeysjärjestykseen laittaminen itsemurhien avulla" Place SH368 21.9.Outi Sirniö & Aleksi Karhula: "Ylisukupolvinen eriarvoisuus Suomessa: poikkitieteellinen katsaus tutkimuksiin" Place SH368 5.10.Jan-Otto Anderson: Basic Income in the Nordic Context 6.5.

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Director Eva Österbacka Professor Åbo Akademi University School of Business and Economics Board Veli-Matti Ritakallio Professor University of Turku Department of Social Research (Social Policy) Jani Erola Professor University of Turku Department of Social Research (Sociology) Pekka Räsänen Professor University of Turku Department of Social Research (Economic Sociology) Mikael Nygård Professor Åbo Akademi University, Vaasa Department of Social Sciences (Social Policy) Secretary Esa Karonen Doctoral Candidate University of Turku Department of Social Research (Sociology) The series Working Papers on Social and Economic Issues (WPSEI) disseminates academic research by researchers associated with Turku Center for Welfare Research (TCWR) and their collaborators.

The purpose is to stimulate discussion and contribute to up-to-date knowledge on social and economic issues.

Sanni Jalonen, Sanna Kailaheimo: Does the cause of parental death matter for children’s education 21.10.

Outi Sarpila: Physical appearance as an asset – gender-specific norms 4.11.

Most of the papers fit under the labels of economics, sociology, demography, and statistics. They receive only limited review, and copyright is held by the author(s).

When the paper is published as a journal article, the working paper is usually removed from the WPSEI site. If you’d like your paper to appear in the series, contact the Editor.Patricia Mc Mullin: The decomposition of social origin in early childhood development in Ireland 2.12.Esa Karonen: Sukupolvinen taloudellinen eriarvoisuus elinkaarinäkökulmasta Spring 2016 29.2.When one thinks of heroes, names such as Ghandi, Martin Luther King, and Mother Theresa often come to mind.These individuals have all helped society tremendously through their determination and unse...Anneli Miettinen & Marika Jalovaara: Labour market attachment and transition to parenthood among young adults in Finland: Are there educational differences? Teemu Vauhkonen: Huono-osaisuuden ylisukupolvinen periytyminen Suomessa 30.10. Ismo Kantola: Comparing engineers in Germany and Finland 4.12.Aleksi Karhula & Hannu Lehti: Two biosociological presentations: Aleksi Karhula & Ohto Kanniainen: This is a man’s world? Pekka Räsänen, Aki Koivula ja Arttu Saarinen: Political orientation. Fall 2015 23.1 Jani Erola, Elina Kilpi-Jakonen, Hannu Lehti, Irene Prix: For Better or for Worse, for Nephew or for Nieces?Changes in disposable income predict sex-ratio at birth (SRB) Hannu Lehti: Do gender role attitudes and women’s income explain human sexual moral? Resource Compensation from extended family Members to Children in the USA and Finland 6.2 Marika Jalovaara & Hill Kulu: An Immediate Itch?Union Duration and Union Dissolution 27.2 Leena Haanpää & Sanna Roos: Risk Factors of Perceived Poor State of Health among Finnish Children and Youth 13.3 Piia af Ursin: Explaining Cultural Participation in Childhood - an Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior to German and Finnish Elementary School Children 20.3 NVivo workshop (Time: 12.15-16.00 and place: ATK408) Registrations for the workshop by 7.Feb : [email protected] Leif Nordberg: Easterlin-paradoksi aikasarja-analyysin valossa 15.5 Matti Näsi & Pekka Räsänen: Online hate in Cross National Context 22.5 Shenghua Xie: The Impact of Public Services on the Political Trust of Migrant Workers of China Fall 2014 19.9. Jan Otto Andersson: Piketty on the distribution and taxation of patrimony and capital inco me 10.10.Takis Venetoklis & Pekka Kettunen: Workplace bullying in the Finnish public sector: "Who? Elina Kilpi-Jakonen, Aleksi Karhula ja Jani Erola: Inequalities in the haven of equality? Merita Jokela & Outi Sarpila: Does outsourcing domestic work reduce time spent on domestic tasks?


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