Washing Machine Problem Solving

It is also worth checking for any blockages, leaks or kinks in the fill hose pipe.

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On some newer Hotpoint washing machines this is indicated by using either a tap symbol or a flashing light, to advise there is a water supply issue.

Finally in some cases failure to position the drain hose at the correct height may also lead to problems of your appliance stopping mid-cycle.

Finally check that the feet are level and the Hotpoint washing machine is not too low at the front as this could prevent the fabric conditioner being rinsed away.

If you need further assistance please call Hotpoint customer service on 03Many of our newer Hotpoint washing machine have a series of indicator lights, which flash to indicate a possible fault.

Check your instruction manual on how to position the drain hose correctly.

If you need further assistance please call Hotpoint customer service on 03If your Hotpoint washing machine appears noisy or unstable when using it for the first time it’s possible the installation has not been completed properly.We would recommend running your machine at 90 degrees using some biological detergent to help destroy the build up of bacteria and detergents.You can also run a 90 degree service wash monthly using our Limescale which will hygienically clean your machine, and prevent the smell reoccurring.You can raise the front of the appliance by adjusting the feet at the front of the machine.We would also recommend double checking the water supply hose connections (at both ends) as well as checking the drain hose during the pump out process.Take care not to overload your Hotpoint washing machine as this will produce poor wash results due to an inability of the appliance to effectively dissolve the detergent.Try re-washing garments on the correct programme ensuring that an adequate amount of detergent is used.Please ensure the protective brackets or bolts (used for transportation) have all been removed before using your washing machine.You can keep them should you wish to transport your appliance again in the future.Take care to check the fill hose connection to your washing machine and to the mains plumbing (taps) are secure.It’s also possible for a leak to appear from your detergent dispenser, which can be caused by excessive water pressure or the washing machine has not been levelled properly during installation.


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