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With the opening up of Indian market and process of globalisation, the country has made significant progress in achieving higher Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

With the opening up of Indian market and process of globalisation, the country has made significant progress in achieving higher Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

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By tackling these markets now as part of a pan-Asian approach, WWF aims to leverage China’s recent actions to ban the ivory trade to prevent further displacement of the current China ivory trade to nearby countries.

Wildlife conservation in India has a long history, dating back to the colonial period when it was rather very restrictive to only targeted species and that too in a defined geographical area.

Over the last few decades, conservationists have come to understand just how central community involvement is to wildlife conservation success—and how important it is for communities to actively steward the natural resources around them to improve economic and social well-being.

WWF’s community-based conservation work today reflects this fundamental reality.

Today, a chain of 41 tiger reserves and 28 elephant reserves, besides a network of 668 Protected Areas, bear testimony to the efforts of Centre.

The Environmental Protection Act, 1986, and notifications issued thereunder made serious efforts to protect wildlife habitats and wildlife corridors.

EIA notification, for instance, puts special restriction for development projects in and around “Protected Areas”- largely on the basis of requirement of ‘Forest Clearance’ or on the assessment of impacts on Wildlife Habitat or on well found apprehension of fragmentation of wildlife habitat or corridors.

It will be worthwhile to mention that in the 312014, as many as 173 projects were listed for clearance from 24 states of India.

A total of 130 projects were cleared, but were eventually struck down by the Supreme Court of India on the grounds that the current constitution of NBWL is a violation of law (PA Update, 2014-15: 12-22).

Again, in a single NBWL meeting, held on January 21, 2015, at least 34 project proposals, cutting across 12 states have been approved; including those for road, rail, oil drilling, pipeline, canal construction–all being within the declared boundary of 27 wildlife sanctuaries, four national parks, one tiger reserves and two bird sanctuaries, among others.


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