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Descriptive bibliography is the application of analytical bibliography to the external form of the book i.e it concern itself with the materials forms of books and not with their literary contexts.

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Historical bibliography has to content itself with the evolution of typefaces from its very early manuscripts origin.

Then again the very material of which the book is compared paper as we know it, from its handmade stage to that of machine manufactured.

It also helps us to as certain bibliographical data about an author thus helping in the identification of a document.e) Book selection: A bibliography by adding a note to each document being listed, indicate the value of the document to a given type of user. According to Roy B Stokes on analytical bibliography involves “investigation of the physical nature of the book which can be and frequently is sufficiently exhaustive to enable all the circumstances of the book manufacture and history to be revealed”.

Analytical or critical bibliography therefore rests to a large extent upon imperfection in the production process and as such it has been defined as the physical examination of books.

thus textual variation between a manuscript and the printed books or between various reprints or edition.

So the textual bibliography is more interested in the author’s wards and tries to determine the exact words that the author intended should constitute his work.

They are also provided with an index of initials and pseudonyms.

Sometimes the titles are arranged alphabetically with names of the authors in square brackets and notes about the authority for the attribution at the end. Dictionary of anonymous and pseudonymous literature. These types of bibliographies are brought out by large publishing firms engaged in book production or trade.

the word “bibliography” originated in post classical Greek times.

It has been derived from the Greek word “biblion” which means books and “graphein” is to write.


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