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Santiago, a young shepherd, the main character in the story The Alchemist is portrayed by Paulo Coelho, as a go getter to some extent.

Santiago, a young shepherd, the main character in the story The Alchemist is portrayed by Paulo Coelho, as a go getter to some extent.He repeatedly gets a dream that haunts him and pushes him to follow it and thus his expedition in the story; he wants to achieve that dream (Coelho 34).

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Regardless of the setbacks that he encounters a long the way, he does not give up.

Just like Rachael, no potential was seen in her as a nurse, she was discouraged by her tutors that she could not make it as a children’s nurse, but her so many visits to the Occupational Health Department which convinced the tutors that she was capable of becoming a nurse saw her through (Coelho 25).

For instance he gives the old man a share of his sheep, that is, a tenth of his flock and promises to give a tenth of his treasure to the old woman.

The Chinese student on the other hand brings the tutor a painting of a well embroidered Chinese woman (Coelho 61).

The boy Santiago takes up every opportunity that comes his way, he wallows through so much problems that he encounters along his path of getting to the treasure, he worked hard towards his destiny because no problem was too big for him to deal with.

We find that dreaming is one thing and following that dream is another, Rachael had a dream of becoming a nurse, she felt that she really needed to give back to the community and serve the people who had made a great difference in her life and that is why she really wanted to be a children’s nurse, she was laughed at told on several occasions that it was never going to happen because a nursing course was not suitable for her and that she was fit to a desk job (Coelho 25).He enjoys the life of adventure and travelling to new places.On her part, Rachael could have been forced to do a desk job because of her health something that she could have done regretfully thereby ending up a slave in a career path that on the contrary should have brought her inner peace and happiness.Following a dream can sometimes seem too hard and expensive but the determination in it tells all about the conviction that one has.The boy in the story The Alchemist is portrayed by Coelho as humble and a brave character.Santiago gets the simple lessons of life of believing in the signs that one gets in life, even if it is just through dreams and following them till he achieves them.The crossing of cultures leads him to following his dreams which he finally achieves.The individual will get room to express him/her self thereby appreciating each other as well as compromising with each other’s feelings where possible, that way the joy of learning will have come into play. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. Once a dream has been hatched then the determination and persistence that will be employed in making it a reality is what will determine whether it is going to be the destiny of an individual and that is what brings in the difference between destiny and fate. The boy was allowed to follow his heart which led him later on to acquire his life experiences that are worthwhile, even more than he could have achieved material treasures.The challenges faced by adapting to a new culture can some times be too much to bear, but how ready is a person to bear with the challenges that come with it?


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