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Some time ago, I read an interesting news report, one which links the two areas of knowledge Arts and Ethics. The artist placed 10 kitchen blenders on a long table.

Where are the limits to the freedom of expression of art?

In this episode I’ll be asking questions, and not give answers!

What does it mean, when we say that we use millions of paper cups every day? I now attempted to link History with Language, Logics, Emotion and Sense Perception. How do you know that you are reading this text right now? Pick one fact that you know and ask yourself what the sources of this piece of knowledge are. You will soon discover that it is possible to trace you knowledge back to one of these four Ways of Knowing. Continue reading » Tags: All Articles, Authority, Emotion / Intuition, General TOK, knowledge, Language, Language, Logics, Logics / Reason, Perception, Sense Perception, Ways of Knowing, Ways of Knowing I’ll be exploring the relationship between arts and ethics.

History and Language: Continue reading » Tags: All Articles, Areas of Knowledge, bias, Emotion / Intuition, emotions, History, History, Language, Language, Linking Questions, Logics, Logics / Reason, reason, Sense Perception, sense perception, Ways of Knowing, Ways of Knowing o, you are now sitting in front of your computer reading this very post about the Ways of Knowing. Let’s start with a little example: “I know that atoms exist”. Is it necessary for art to go against moral and ethical conventions in order to be considered “good” art?


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