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He has been leading the Alquist team since the first Alexa Prize in 2017.He was selected by the Forbes CZ magazine as one of the most inspiring young people of the year (the list 30 under 30).In 2015, four young university students – Jan, Petr, Martin, and Roman – entered the e Clubu of CTU in Prague, Czech Republic.

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He was a principal designer of the IBM Embedded Via Voice speech recognition application. His main areas of interest are AI, ML, NLU, mobile, internet and cloud computing.

Linked In is currently pursuing his Ph D degree focused on dialog systems at his alma mater CTU in Prague.

Besides other things, Petr works for the renowned Czech search engine and web portal Linked In is a student of Data Science at CTU in Prague and has been a member of the Alquist team since 2017.

His master’s thesis deals with natural language generation.Find out more about our work and expertise by clicking here.Linked In has, after 18 years of experience in the industry, returned to CTU, CIIRC.He teaches at the CTU Faculty of Electrical Engineering, and he is the director of the CTU Media Lab Foundation. Jan has worked at Google (2008-2010) as a Technical Lead/Manager and at the IBM T. Watson Research Center as a research staff member (1992-2000) and Research Manager (2000-2008).He has lead many worldwide research and development projects.Performing quality research in your field of interest will provide invaluable perspective and help to strengthen your candidacy when you are looking to match. This is the Official Thesis Rulebook for the Te AMS program, a real page-turner, and a must read for everyone! There are a number of important links on this page, including for finding a project The Official Thesis Guidelines Powerpoint - 02/04/18.This is the Official Thesis Powerpoint that explains the process of the thesis, including general info and the approval process.Jakub joined the team in 2016, and in the same year, Mr Šedivý came up with an interesting idea that became the turning point for the group: Let’s focus on chatbots!And that’s how the first version of Alquist was created. by the Czech writer Karel Čapek, where the word ROBOT was used for the very first time in history. At the end of 2016, Amazon announced the Alexa Prize and we decided to try our luck. Though it seems like an extra project that may seem stressful and overwhelming, research and having a project like this under your belt is a phenomenal experience and will be something very worthwhile for all of your future academic/professional endeavors.he research project is something to be proud of, and is no small task for us given time constraints.


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