Thesis Statement On A Narrative Essay

Thesis Statement On A Narrative Essay-90
Ideally the story is supposed to speak to a universal audience and thus the thesis statement is one of the best chance the author can use to get the readers from different walks of life to connect with the events deliberated in the essay.The next part of the narrative essay is the body as defined by the narrative essay structure.

The most important part of flow of events is that the author should use transition words for a narrative essay, to connect the different ideas.

Transitions are crucial in the narrative essays, due to the fact that, every new paragraph marks the start of a different action in the story.

It is important the author is able to reach the defining point of view which is presented in the paper and is achieved through sharing the emotions along with the sensory details.

when the author wants to approach the essay as a story, it is important that they keep in mind the various elements of a story, these are; plot, characters, setting, climax and the ending of the story in question.

As such, the readers are able to follow with clarity the events that then follow.

What then follows is the development and illustration of the thesis statement.

As such, aspects such as the major characters, when the events took place and where are included in this part of the narrative essay introduction.

It is also at this stage when the author clarifies whether whatever is told in the story, is part of their personal experiences, or it is part of a fiction creation.

This is a sentence which introduces the readers to the rest of the content.

The most important aspect to consider about the topic sentence is, it’s supposed to be associated with all the senses of the author.


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