Thesis On Family Values

In relation to managing developments of the child, inspiring my teen-aged daughter that are feeling the effects of the changes happening around her is my way where I can implement or reinforce..., the......Family Values Emily is a middle school student who has been humiliated in front of her class by the teacher.

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” The state has considerable machinery and is quite capable of having schools teach values wherein if it were to take over this role, the value systems would be inculcated in the curriculum.

Students would have to interact with them in the same way they interact with their day-to-day learning.

It is evident, that the youth has been given more freedom than they can handle, and in a world with an infinite number of opportunities both for right and in wrong with the distinctions between the two not always being clear.

Accordingly, sometimes even the youths themselves cannot tell apart what is right and wrong and just follow their instincts and peers or whatever they see on TV and the internet (Trissler, 2012).

While both school and parents attempt to instill values on children today, there is no clear definition of roles, and none of the two parties is fully charged with the responsibility.

As a result, parents rarely contribute to inculcating the much-needed values in their children assuming the school should do most of the work.

Furthermore, if the role was left to parents, the upside is they would be able to instill the values into their kids better than the school since they have a better understanding and hold over them.

Besides, they spend most nights under their parents’ roofs and often depend on them for money and leave to go out.

On the other hand, the school assumes the same about the parents, thus, children are left alone to do whatever they please as long as they are within the limits of the school rules.

This controversy begs the question “Must a set of values be prescribed by the state or federal government and taught in schools or must the teaching of values be the responsibility of the families?


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