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Start up In this phase, the students shall define their topic and decide whether to have the assigner as a company or Chalmers, which includes to find the supervisors from both sides.In some programmes, the students are required to work in pairs for one thesis topic. Working phase When producing the Master's thesis, students need to follow the template to design and publish.

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It is an excellent possibility for us to connect with the academic world and to have state of the art knowledge applied to our processes.

For me personally, it is at the same time rewarding to be able to help students on their way to graduation and to provide opportunities for them to get familiar with a typical business environment they will eventually be part of. The task is to make sure the students are able to gather sufficient data and information and that they get connected with the right people within the organisation needed for their assignment.

At the same time you must be careful not to present answers or ready solutions to their task.

When accepting the role as a supervisor you must be willing and prepared to put in the time and effort required to support the students in their work.

If you work in pairs a suitable partner matters a lot.

Your partner should have the same interest to the topic and you should be able to cooperate well.If you decided to do a thesis at a company, they can be a resource that you should not miss.I chose to do my thesis with universitymade this choice because the university offers a wide variety of research projects, including research related to my field, and they can suggest a topic based on my own interests.Secondly, I was curious about how what I have learned could be used in reality.At last, it would be possible to have a chance entering the company I would make my thesis at.I also expect them to take the opportunity to provide an analysis of the problem from a different and fresh angle.Coming from the outside as a student, it allows you to question and challenge any “old truths” that might exist within the organisation.It is important to make yourself available for meetings and answer questions that arise during the process.I expect students to bring an up-to-date theoretic framework and to apply these theories when executing their task.The sooner the better, since it is going to be your new best friend for the next six months or more.Read the instructions carefully and make a plan and set a deadline for yourself.


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