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I Have Become the Tide is deeply political, but it never loses sight of humour, tenderness—or the human spirit.Her recent edited book, Battling for India: A Citizen’s Reader(co-edited with Salim Yusufji)was published in 2019 by Speaking Tiger in India.

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The reader is a necessary collection that brings us the voices and experiences of those who are battling for India through their private struggles and public activism: Alivelamma, a woman farmer.

Huchangi, Rohith, Ravan—poet, scholar, activist; all dalit.

She wrote a monthly column for many years on different aspects of culture and their political and social underpinnings, in The Telegraph, Kolkata.

She has been Visiting Professor or Writer-in-Residence in several universities, including Dartmouth College and George Washington University in the United States, the University of Canterbury at Kent in the UK, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, and in India, Jamia Millia Islamia and Goa University.

Among them, and with them, are the voices of journalists, artists, teachers and students.

Together, they speak to us of the many ways in which state and extra-state forces have been excluding more and more citizens from India.

All through her childhood Devi grew up listening to her grandmother’s stories.

Her grandmother’s stories had a purpose to telling Devi- a woman- the ways to behave in a tradi...


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