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Now, lawmakers seek to cut taxes for corporations and the rich while claiming such policies will benefit working people.Collectively, we can raise our voices to stop the brazen, upward redistribution of wealth.Citizens for Tax Justice focuses on federal, state and local tax policies and their impact upon our nation.

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The Fair Tax would replace all existing income taxes - as well as payroll taxes - with a single consumption tax.The tool allows for a comparison of tax policies and practices in different countries, using a standardized methodology and unified research approach thanks to jointly developed common research framework.The 2016 pilot edition relies on data and analyses presented in the country reports from .The European Commission launched a new EU agenda for a fair corporate taxation in the digital sector.Following the proposal of France, Germany, Italy and Spain for a new levy on tech giants, the Commission is now taking leadership and announced measures for fair taxation.We work to achieve this goal by: distilling tax policy research so anyone who is interested can learn about what's at stake in the nation's tax policy debates; being a conduit for working people to collectively raise their voices and stand up to special interests, lobbyists and corporations; and using all advocacy tools available to ensure we ordinary people have a prominent voice in the development of our nation's tax laws.The GOP Debate last night was big on drama but short on specifics - especially when it came to the economy.Mike Huckabee invoked the Fair Tax, not once but twice. Rand Paul (KY) is also a fan of a version of the flat tax (it’s in his economic proposal) although it didn’t get much play during the debate. A progressive income tax is exactly what it sounds like: the rate of tax increases as income (however measured) increases.Although our current system isn’t very popular at home, it’s perhaps the most common tax system used in developed countries around the world.The tax, as proposed, would be a 30% tax on purchases of new goods and services, excluding necessities due to a "prebate." The "prebate" is akin to a refund and is offered at the beginning of each month so that certain purchases are essentially tax-free.Keep in mind that this is meant to be a quick comparison of the different kinds of tax plans being touted.


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