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The position should be designated as a civil service position.

In some districts, the chairperson of the Committee on Special Education is designated as an administrative position; in other districts, it is designated as a teacher position.

Is this allowable and is the position of CSE and/or CPSE chairperson affected by these new rules? Administrators may perform instructional support tasks appropriate to their positions, such as serving as CSE and/or CPSE chairperson, and consistent with Section 200.3(a)(1) of Commissioner’s Regulations.

In districts in which the CSE and/or CPSE chairperson is not an administrative position, a teacher may perform this function, again consistent with the regulation cited above, and these duties would be considered to be instructional support.

To be considered an instructional support service position, the duties must be focused on teaching classroom teachers how technology tools may be integrated into the teacher’s instructional practices to improve student learning.

A teacher assisting K-12 students in using technology tools as part of the student’s classroom work would also be performing instructional support services duties. Individuals employed by a school district or BOCES as of 5/1/09 who have been performing instructional support services, as well as individuals hired or assigned to perform instructional support services after 5/1/09, are affected by the Regents action.

We have teachers on special assignment (TOSAs) who work in our vocational program as work study coordinators and who hold an extension as a work study coordinator.

Should these teachers be treated in the same manner as other teachers?

Accordingly, duties consistent with this extension are not considered to be instructional support.

It is important to look at the duties rather than the title of the position.


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