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They seek to understand fundamental principles, apply key concepts, reveal new problems and pursue lines of inquiry to gain a fluency of thought in their disciplines.This transformative process is at the core of the educational experience at The College.

Other barometers of student success include the 100 percent pass rate of education majors taking the state teacher preparation test and the 94 percent three-year pass rate for nursing students obtaining their license.

The numerous learning opportunities at The College prepare students to prosper in any arena after the completion of their undergraduate career.

Opportunities for Global Engagement found on campus and facilitated through internationally recognized study-abroad programs allow students to expand their internal scope and frame their academic goals and achievements in a truly global context.

Finally, academic and extracurricular programs designed to foster Leadership Development help students build confidence and decision-making skills that they will need to solve the problems of tomorrow and build a brighter future.

For more information, students should contact: The College of New Jersey P. Box 7718 Ewing, New Jersey 08628-0718 United States Phone: 609-771-2131 Website: A Liberal Learning Curriculum ensures that all students are grounded in the values of civic responsibility, intellectual and scholarly growth, and that they receive a well-rounded education in the liberal arts.

In 2004, the College completed a transformation of its curriculum requiring students to complete fewer courses, while adding depth to each course pursued.

In order to enhance student development and empowerment, TCNJ's curriculum is built around five key experiences which permeate every major across seven academic schools.

Small classes prioritizing discussion and inquiry create a Personalized, Rigorous, and Collaborative Learning Environment where students and faculty work side by side in developing skills and applying concepts.

Undergraduate Research, Mentored Internships, and Field Experiences give TCNJ students opportunities to get out of the classroom, develop their professional skill sets, and discover exciting career paths and academic endeavors.

Passion for civic responsibility and a commitment to Community-Engaged Learning ensures that TCNJ graduates enter the professional world as top-notch scholars and citizens.


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