Steps Writing Research Paper Introduction

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Following these easy steps will not only make things easier, but help you order your thoughts to write better essays.

If for example, you are writing an essay about coffee, then you may start it off like this: "Half of Americans are drug addicts as caffeine has become the most widely used drug in the world." Another way to compose a topic sentence is to separate your individual ideas.

For example, "Coffee is an addictive drug because it stimulates the nervous system, causes increased alertness, and can be addictive." This allows you to create paragraphs around these ideas and lets the reader know what lies ahead.

One of the most challenging aspects of writing a research paper is often coming up with a great introduction.

Introductions are incredibly important as they are your first chance to make an impression on your reader.

If your introduction is well written it will set the entire tone for your research paper.

With that in mind, we have put together a brief guide which will help you to learn how to write an introduction for your research paper.

With a research paper you need to express yourself very clearly, so unfamiliar terms will confuse your reader.

That is why it is best to explain them at the start in order to give readers a clearer understanding of what you are talking about.

You will want to use relevant keywords in your title and in your first few sentences, because if you will submit your research paper for publication you will need to also submit a series of keywords.

It is best to get into this habit from the start even if you are not yet ready to submit for publication!


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