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Worse still, stray cats and dogs scatter the rubbish (point 3) while looking for food. It is not uncommon to see plastic bags, bottles and dry leaves in these drains.

There is an urgent need to clear these drains as the stagnant water is an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes (point 5).

Unfortunately, the dark streets have also led to another problem – an increase in crime (point 9).

Several residents, especially women, have fallen victim to snatch thieves. The one and only playground in our area is also not well-maintained (point 10).

It is a common practice to end a formal letter with phrases such as I look forward to hearing from you or I hope prompt action will be taken to solve this problem.

A note of thanks is usually included You are the Secretary of the Residents’ Association in your housing estate.Many of the see-saws and swings have been spoiled by vandals.I hope the council will look into our complaints and take prompt action to solve our problems. Out of the blue – without warning Dark skies and raging thunders, it was terrifying.I was alone in the house and out of the blue, I heard a sound of shattered glasses in the kitchen.The residents are worried as there has been a sharp increase in dengue cases (point 6) in the last two months. The street lights along several roads are also not working (point 7).This has caused several accidents at night (point 8), mostly involving motorcyclists as they are unable to see in the dark.Most importantly, pay attention to the tone and language. There is no need to be rude even if you are expressing your unhappiness or dissatisfaction.Remember, you should not use informal language or contractions in a letter of this nature. In the first paragraph, you should state the reason for writing (whether it is to inform, to complain, to invite etc). From the second paragraph onwards, you should include information that is deemed necessary, depending on what you are writing about.Initially, rubbish was collected three times a week.However, since June this year the garbage collectors have only been coming once a week.


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