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It is available at most large reference and university libraries and is also available online through the "Research Room" section of the NARA home page on the World Wide Web at

The site has many valuable features: chronologies, biographies of leaders, descriptions of events and places, and bibliographies of bilingual sources held at the Library of Congress, including maps, fictional works, personal narratives, photographs, and manuscript collections.

The site’s main overview essay (written by David Trask) and its introduction succinctly review the war’s major political and military events.

There are separate chronologies for all participants except the United States.

The site lacks resources on Hawaii (which was annexed during the war) as well as Guam, both of which should be included to understand the international dimensions of the war.

Instead he studied all available options short of declaring war.

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But the public clamor for war was very strong, and newspapers such as the exerted incredible pressure on both Congress and the White House.

The navy also created and appointed temporary and permanent boards. Like the War Department during this period, the navy had organizational flaws. Documentation concerning operations, training, administration, and personnel as well as other subjects relating to the naval establishment in 1898 are abundant among the holdings of the National Archives.

Examples of "temporary" boards were the board of inquiry concerning the destruction of the and the Naval War Board, the latter organized by Secretary of the Navy John Long as an informal policy and strategy group accountable directly to him for the duration of the war.3 Examples of "permanent" boards were the Judge Advocate General's promotion and retirement boards which were set up to measure the "fitness" (both mental and physical) of officers serving in the U. Two major obstacles were lack of coordination among the bureaus and of a centralized policy or planning apparatus to prepare the department for future wars. Before conducting research at the National Archives, individuals are strongly encouraged to examine the variety of the published documentation that is available. All executive branch agencies are required by law to submit an annual report to Congress explaining actions taken during the previous year.

Songs, poems, and dirges written by the general public romanticized the exploits of ships, soldiers, and sailors. And now our Uncle Sam is plain In dealing with the same.

He calls us "come on, boys We'll soundly whip old Spain!


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