Six Step Method Of Problem Solving

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Once we’ve exhausted all possibilities, we can then start systematically ruling items out.This is the most time-consuming, but one of the most vital steps in the process as we take each potential cause and work to rule it out.

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If you are in business, with a focus on leadership, or if you work in such complex fields as logistics or supply chain, you have undoubtedly come across problems where you have little to no experience.

But, inherently, as a leader, and especially as a planner in logistics, you have had to rely on effective problem solving steps to figure out the issue at hand and continually move forward to make your business, life, and yes, your supply chain remain efficient, despite any disruption.

In the case of our hardmask example, we would run test batches to make sure that we have the correct solution in place.

Measurements should also be taken on a scheduled basis to continue to confirm that the solution is still valid, making updates if and when needed.

This could mean updating specifications, writing new training materials, updating training packages or updating the FMEA.

In the case of our hardmask example, we would need to create specifications and appropriate testing methods that will alert us that a batch of raw material is bad before we use it. Monitor for Success After the solution has been implemented, test data can then be created to find which solutions offer the best improvements.Getting input from others, similar to the cross-functional team example, is very important for objectivity and looking at the problem from various points of view, always being objective and looking for the right solution(s) to the problem.Example I: Improving Inventory Records Accuracy (IRA), for instance, where the warehouse on-hand quantity differs from the ERP/computer on-hand quantity, takes looking at the root cause of the problem in the transaction detail of the Warehouse Management System (WMS).Then, when problems do occur, we know exactly what steps to take to help ensure that our solution really will “make it go away.” While there are different variations to an SPS (, etc.), they all follow the same basic steps. Define the Problem It is important to write a problem statement that is easily understood and is stated purely in terms of measurable or observable symptoms.At this point, there should be no mention of suspected causes or possible solutions. A good problem statement might look something like this: “High (greater than 8 ppb) trace metals in one of our hardmask products are causing unacceptably high defect counts with our most important customer.By taking the steps above, you may be able to reduce your level of stress and maximize your effort in addressing problems in your life.As with any coping strategy, it is best to practice this skill first with a very basic or non-threatening problem.Karen Brown, Director of Organizational Development & Relationships, has been employed with Brewer Science for over a decade.Problem solving models are used to address the many challenges that arise in the workplace.Define the problem, measure exactly where the problem exists, through trial and error, try different methods of fitting the fender into the plastic bag, analyze these alternatives, and call a Supplier in to look at the problem from a specialist’s point of view.The Supplier comes up with the idea of air blowing into the plastic bag to open it up easier and the fender then slides into the plastic sleeve much easier. Write a Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) to confirm how this issue was finally solved.


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