Short Essay On Crime Against Women

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Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Law Teacher.The aim of this essay is to consider how gender affects the way the law and society respond to different types of crime and violence.It will argue that gender plays a significant role in dealing with various crimes within the criminal justice system.In such societies, the unequal position of women results from social oppression as well as economic dependency on men.A woman who attacks her alleged batterer in these societies is considered to have violated “not just traditional gender roles of passivity and care-giving, but also a sexual hierarchy that grants men power over her.” This is a major cause of violence against women; for instance, five Pakistani women per day are killed, and two women per day, in the region of Punjab alone, are kidnapped.Although as a general statement it can be said that the law does not differentiate between men and women, research conducted in the field of criminology have clearly shown that social characteristics of offenders such as race, gender and class, have influenced the decisions made in the CJS.For example, Morris (1987) has considered in his study that women are treated more leniently than men within the CJS, and they are less likely to be arrested, convicted and jailed.The idea that crimes are committed primarily by males has had a major effect on criminological thinking and on criminal justice policies.This effect is different from one society to another and from time to time within one society, since gender roles and expectations are changing.Since regulations, in general, make no difference in dealing with crime on the basis of gender, in practice the situation may be different.Even today in some societies, women are perceived as sexual objects and are expected to remain within male-dominated ideologies such as homemaker and nurturer, subordinate to men.


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