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You see that Charlie rather differs from other children in this story who are disobedient, greedy and aggressive towards the parents and others. When others tried to use all their money and possibilities to get these golden tickets, he got it utterly unexpectedly and without a great tug. Because of it, Charlie managed to change not only his own life but the life of his family. That’s why the destiny of Charlie is not the same as the destiny of other children portrayed in this tale.

That’s why they are depicted as immature and are punished to correct their behavior (Hissan 32). He got not only the golden ticket but the whole chocolate factory itself. It’s the case when a kind heart and good intentions and deeds do marvels. And this is a lesson that we should take from this story.

I was five years old when my parents bought a rich chocolate teddy bear birthday cake for me.

So even before I knew how to pronounce the word `chocolate', it already became my favourite food.

The biggest happiness for him was a chocolate bar which he got once a year for his birthday. He was so anxious to get a golden ticket that would allow him to visit Willy Wonka’s factory, but his chances, comparing with other rich children, were so small.

But nevertheless, he wasn’t greedy and was ready to share his little piece of happiness with others. Nevertheless, it was a lucky chance, when he found some money on the sidewalk and bought two chocolate bars. Thanks to it he visited Willy Wonka’s factory, and at the end of the chocolate factory tour he won the factory itself.

We shouldn’t forget about the principle of the boomerang that exists not only in fairy tales but in real life too. The protagonist of the novel, poor boy Charlie, has a kind heart and a generous soul.

It’s one of the main principles that exist in our universe. He often suffers from cold or hunger but never forgets about his family.

Despite their money, parents, and possibilities, they lacked the main principles of humanity. He attracted all these miracles that happened to him because of his good nature. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a magical fairy tale that teaches us to be human beings.

It shows us how we create our fate through our deeds and intentions.


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