Seven Step Problem Solving

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All six steps are followed in order – as a cycle, beginning with “1.

Identify the Problem.” Each step must be completed before moving on to the next step. At any point the group can return to an earlier step, and proceed from there.

This 7-step process can be used by individuals, teams, executives, government policy makers, and social entrepreneurs—anyone with a complex and uncertain problem of consequence.

The heart of the book is a 7-step framework for creative problem solving, We take you through the seven steps in a way that builds understanding and mastery through examples.

If you had more than one solution and the first didn’t work, move on to another one.

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introduces a long-tested and systematic approach that can be taught to anyone who wants to become a better problem solver.These include: Our aim is simple: to enable readers to become better problem solvers in all aspects of their lives.You don’t need post-graduate training to be an effective problem solver.He led the Australian and New Zealand Mc Kinsey practice for eight years and served on the firm's global Directors Committee.The Seven Step Problem Solving method is designed to provide systemic solutions to relatively complex problems. The method si appropriate for both individuals and teams alike.Focus on what you can do, instead of the things that are out of your control, and feel satisfied that you’ve done the best you can. Go through the options you’ve got left and for each one write a list of their pros and cons. Complex challenges for teams, working groups and boards etc., are usually solved more quickly by using a shared, collaborative, and systematic approach to problem solving.The Six-Step method provides a focused procedure for the problem solving (PS) group.These are tough problems that have multiple causes, are affected by externalities, require human behavioral change, and have some solutions that may bring unintended consequences.Despite increasing focus on problem solving, we find that there is confusion about what good problem solving entails, There are a number of pitfalls and common mistakes that many make.


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