Sap Business Planning

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It means SAP BPC 7.5 NW systems in many organizations are running on older versions of Operating Systems and RDBMS is not supported by SAP Net Weaver 7.3.

Following are the key Net Weaver BW Objects − As per the above architecture, following are the key objects in BPC 10.0 − Client Interface − At the top, you have client interface which is a web-based tool used for configuration and reporting for business planning.

SAP BPC supports two types of migration - SAP Net Weaver and Microsoft Excel.

BPC with Microsoft version enables you to perform modeling, application maintenance, importing data and applying transformations, creating scripts, etc.

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) tool is used to support all operational and financial activities in an organization.

SAP BPC helps in automating and streamlining business forecast, planning, and consolidation activities in your organization.It enables to create business add-in BAdi interface in the back-end system, which can be called later from script logic developed in BPC system.It helps in solving the complex business requirements and to reduce the development time for an organization.Some key advantages of using SAP BPC MS are − Apart from common features provided in BPC like currency translation, allocations, validation and account transformations, automatic adjustments and carry forward of opening balance, the following features can be achieved in BPC MS version − Requirement − SAP Net Weaver ABAP 7.3 or 7.31 Database − Any of the above version of SAP Net Weaver support.Operating System − Any supported version of SAP Net Weaver system and database engine.Following are the key benefits provided by SAP BPC − SAP Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) allows your organization to improve its financial and operational performance management.SAP EPM supports various functionalities with SAP Business Planning and Consolidation - BPC-NW or BPC-MS, like financial consolidation, financial information management, supply chain performance management, strategy management and many more areas.No Database Dependence Version − BPC NW version is not dependent on database version and can run common databases like DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, etc.BW Accelerator Support − SAP Net Weaver BW accelerator tool is an additional feature that can be used to enhance the performance of reporting in the system, even if you are using large datasets.It indirectly helps in saving the cost for a company as less number of performance issues are reported.BAd I Development and ABAP Support − SAP BPC with Net Weaver allows you to use ABAP programming to develop K2 script logic.


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