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This means that if you prefer to have a separate (ungraded) link for drafts and a second link for the final (graded) paper you should deliberately set up the first link to "exclude submissions from the Institutional and Global Reference Databases".An originality report will be generated but the paper itself will not be forwarded to the databases and therefore subsequent revisions will not be compared to the draft paper.Safe Assign (SA) is the plagiarism detection software that is built into Blackboard Learn.

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Safe Assign only supports file types that are convertible to plain text, which includes these file types: DOCX, DOC, PPT, PPTX, PDF, TXT, ODT, RTF, HTML, and HTM. Safe Assign also accepts ZIP files and processes files that match any of these file types.

Safe Assign counts and displays the total number of attachments in a submission, as well as the number of attachments processed by Safe Assign.

This allows the instructor and/or the student to check for potential plagiarism and can create opportunities for students to learn how to properly cite sources or how to paraphrase more appropriately. When you create a Blackboard Assignment click on "Submission Details" and check a box to enable Safe Assign for that Blackboard Assignment.

You can make it a "draft" assignment by checking the box to You cannot require the student to submit work which contains personally identifying information (other than in the file name).

More about Safe Assign for Students "Your instructor may ask you to submit one or more of your writing assignments to Blackboard's "Safe Assign".

The instructor also has the ability to individually check submitted work with Safe Assign.To view your report, return back the “View\Complete” link in the assignment.On the report page, clicking on the green checkmark\paper icon will open the SA Report.Safe Assign only processes and creates Originality Reports for attachments that match the supported file types.For unsupported file types, the Safe Assign Originality Report omits a matching score.A percentage will be generated showing how much of the submitted work overlaps with work in the existing database.Under the Federal Educational Records Privacy Act (FERPA) students cannot be required to submit work which includes personally identifying information to a third party.You are not required to submit any work which includes personally identifying information other than in the name of the file submitted.Neither UAS nor Blackboard make any claim of ownership of your work.A: “Safe Assign is a plagiarism prevention service, offered by Blackboard.This service helps educators prevent plagiarism by detecting unoriginal content in student papers.


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    Urgent Checking - moves the assignment higher in our Safe Assign queue. In theory, this should assure faster review; however, if this is overused, it will not do so. SafeAssign accesses servers owned by Blackboard to process papers and generate reports; MU has no control over the speed with which it does so.…

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    In addition to creating a standard assignment dropbox, Blackboard also has a feature called Safe Assign that allows students' papers to be checked for plagiarism against web sources and a database of papers submitted to Safe Assign.…

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    Submitting a SafeAssign assignment for a Course. Log into edu with your UARK username and password. Click the Courses tab at the top of the screen then click the course in which your assignment will be submitted. In the course menu on the left, click the link where the assignment is located.…

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    Ments in Microsoft Word and then upload the document in Blackboard as a file attachment. How to View Grade, SA SafeAssign Report and Instructor Comments 1. In your course in Blackboard, click on My Grades in the Course Menu. 2. Click on the bold score for the assignment under the Grade column. 3.…

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