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Conversely, the two lovers had not thought about the consequences and as a result, they both ended up dying tragically.Most of the characters fall in love at first sight; Romeo and Juliet, spoiling for a brawling fight; Mercution and Tybalt.

98 ) His thought for Juliet was really hazardous and him being an grownup. Capulet is even fooled by Friar Lawrence’s program. The error of him directing person else to make it was inexcusable ; a state of affairs every bit of import as forging decease should be dealt with personally. ‘ I could non direct it – here it is once more – ‘ ( 5. His actions show that he was responsible for Juliet’s decease by taking person else to present it.

everyone thinks that Juliet was dead and shortly thenceforth ; she would hold been buried alive. Friar Lawrence had planned the bogus decease of Juliet. “I could non direct it Nor acquire a courier to convey thee. but he forgot to state him that the missive was pressing ; this was Friar Lawrence’s following large error. This quotation mark absolutely shows how Friar Lawrence made a hapless determination in giving person else the duty to give Romeo the missive. he should of non hold trusted person every bit mediocre as Friar John.

This particular tragedy is about two people who died for one another's love.

Shakespeare wrote this play going against family traditions at the time, and wrote about two people who married each other out of love.

There are a number of characters in the play that participate and contribute to the tragic events of the play.

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The motivation of each character, along with the involvement placed in the play, contributes to our thoughts and provides a definite answer in reaching a conclusion.

He agreed to execute a secret nuptials for Romeo and Juliet though he believed that the lovers were simply infatuated with each other and weren’t truly in love. you shall non remain entirely Till holy church incorporate two in one’ ( 2.

A bond between them was created by Friar Lawrence through their matrimony as stated.

He mostly contributed to the deceases of Romeo and Juliet by get marrieding them despite non acquiring their parents consent.

This state of affairs could hold easy been avoided if Friar Lawrence gave the missive personally to Romeo. the Friar was responsible for Romeo and Juliet’s deceases.


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