Role Of Education In Instilling Moral Values

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Schools have a primary role to play in this education.

The word moral comes from a Latin root (mos, moris) and means the code or customs of a people, the social glue that defines how people live together.

One of the main reasons is the overall focus on standardized testing and narrowly focused curricula. Disruptive behavior is a significant issue for teachers.

This includes distracting others, seeking attention, calling out in class, and general disobedience.

AFT President, Randi Weingarten said that the budget “takes a meat cleaver to public education” and ignores promised investments in the “types of skills, training and vital family supports” that helped elect Donald Trump to the Presidency.

With the rise of behavioral issues in schools, Gallup polls and reports have shown that around 90 percent of Americans support teaching values such as honesty, democracy, and acceptance in public schools. Mc Donnell, former CEO of Mc Donnell Douglas (now Boeing) and chairman emeritus of the Character Education Partnership noted, “With character-related fires blazing all around us, Americans need to recognize that we should be emphasizing good character in our young as emphatically as we have been focusing on higher math and science test scores.” Joy Mc Callister, a mother of two children in elementary school, agrees with this sentiment. “Learning ethics at a young age is ideal,” she said. But life skills are important.” At her children’s private school of around 89 children, students learn to have group discussions and role-play.In a nutshell, it’s the teaching of good behavior and values in young children.Moral education is an integral of Japan’s educational system.Both in the US and Japan, the average child in elementary school spends between six and seven hours in school.Then add afternoon activities and you can see how much time children spend outside of the home.In the US, this term is used under the umbrella of ‘character education.’ The goal is to teach children in a way that will aid them in developing various moral, civic, mannered, non-bullying skills.This includes life skills education, moral reasoning, ethical reasoning and conflict resolution, to name a few.“ Tina said that many teachers, at elementary level, spend their time documenting bad behavior. They cannot just state that a child was belligerent.They have to write the instances: “John kicked a chair; kicked Suzy; then threatened to kick me.” Tina remembers the days when her own mother was a schoolteacher from 1963 to around 1987.The Abe administration cited serious cases of school bullying, including one that led to the 2011 suicide of a high school student in Otsu, as the reason for this change.Instead of the supplementary textbooks and materials devised by teachers, textbooks will now be standardized.


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