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This essay will comprise of what is meant by Human Resource Management.

It will also summarize some key points in the stages of the development of personnel management/ human resource management (HRM ARMSTRONG, 2014).

Many organizations battle not only the tough competition, but also a world financial crisis.

An increasingly competitive environment, many companies turn to human resources (HR) in order to stay in business and achieve goals, and maintain profitability.

“Resources are invaluable and limited sources of any organizations which cannot be easily replaced” (Zohreh, M; Napsiah, I; Zulkiflle, L; Norzima, Z., 2013)....

[tags: Human resources, Human resource management] - The personnel Management and Human Resource management are same processes.

Training, worker participation and teamwork are essential to its competitive edge.

There are those industries whose market will move too quickly to merit an investment in people management or training development Unfortunately, there is also a trend toward shorter employment periods and high turnovers in many organizations.

[tags: Human resource management, Human resources] - Human Resource Management Chapter seven addresses the management of human resources (HR), which is vital to every organization no matter its size.

From the reading, the three most important aspects of human resources management that I felt organizations needed to focus their efforts are the recruitment process, the selection process, and employee training.


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