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Favoritism is stronger among altruistic CEOs, in struggling areas and among marginal mortgage applicants.This paper studies increasing investment in technology by banks in recent years.

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Further analysis indicates that remote lenders have greater market share in counties where SBA loans from traditional banks were less common.

The authors analyze the small business lending practices of banks using a nationally-representative survey conducted by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

The authors describe this finding as consistent with a redirection of funding for small business loans to localities served by the acquirer.

They conclude that the diminishing presence of local community banks has led to credit gaps that are not being filled by the rest of the banking sector.

The model, which relies solely on publicly available data, offers community banks the opportunity to analyze risks from a perspective that otherwise could be prohibitively expensive for them to consider.

This paper provides evidence of a “favoritism bias” by which banks make more loans, and open more branches, in areas near the birthplaces of their CEOs.

A liquidity shock can be transferred from one country abroad to the domestic country due to various channels…

[more] Internationally active banks can be a source of systemic risk as a default of one bank can easily spill over to banks in other countries.

The author finds that, despite a recovery of overall business lending by U. banks after the financial crisis, small business lending remained depressed, particularly among large banks and banks in worse financial condition.

This paper finds that acquisitions of community banks by non-local acquiring banks (without a local presence) lead to declines in local small business lending.


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