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This involves far more than simply replacing words with synonyms or altering small chunks of a longer passage.

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How To Avoid Plagiarism When Writing a Research Paper Plagiarism is a form of intellectual and authorial misconduct that has become a serious problem in many academic and scientific contexts and must be avoided.

In short, plagiarising is using in one’s own work the ideas, thoughts, words, data, theories, images, sounds or other creations of an author, speaker or artist without properly acknowledging the source.

Either way, the destruction of a valuable and rewarding career is often the result.

Although intentional plagiarism may seem worse in an ethical sense than unintentional plagiarism, the fact is that both kinds of plagiarism can produce equally unpleasant results and must be strictly avoided when writing research papers.

If the paper is intended for publication and in some cases even when it is not, formal permission to use this kind of material may be necessary.

• Refer to the authors of the sources you use as you write your paper.

It may seem that you are writing ‘According to Smith,’ ‘In a study by Jones’ and the like far too many times, but it is essential to distinguish the ideas you find in sources from your own thoughts.

• Provide accurate in-text citations or note citations whenever you quote, paraphrase, summarise or otherwise use sources.

In all cases, it should be obvious which ideas and data are your own and which have been borrowed from other researchers.

• Acknowledge the sources of any tables, images, graphs, charts, maps, audio recordings, videos, animations or similar material that you use or reproduce in your paper.


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