Research Paper On Healthy Lifestyle

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College students’ eating habits and knowledge of nutritional requirements College students are at risk for making poor dietary choices that can cause significant health problems.

Brown, O’Connor, and Savaiano [1] warned the transition to college causes significant changes in dietary options.

Smartphone resources, vending machine use, and drinking soda were their least frequently used habits.

Conclusion: Students have a fair knowledge of nutritional requirements for health; however, food choices they make are not necessarily healthy. Nutritional requirements, College students’ health, Eating habits, College students’ knowledge of food.

This funding opportunity is to support actionable research that advances health equity in the areas of nutritional disparities, nutrition, and food security.

Three types of grants will be awarded through the Healthy Eating Research program with the aim of providing advocates, decision-makers, and policymakers with the evidence needed to address the key social determinants of health and inequalities that underlie poor dietary patterns and related health consequences.They indicated strong agreement to keep themselves hydrated and choosing food because of taste preference.Even though majority admitted eating fresh fruits, a significant number consume processed food such as chips, cookies, and cereal based on convenience.Individuals entering college are beginning to live independently.Students’ physical activity and eating habits usually shape or change during these years. stated, “overweight college students are more likely to become overweight adults and are at a higher risk for dietrelated chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, some cancers, and hypertension”.Nutritional requirements It is crucial to meet daily nutritional requirements for one’s body to function properly and to maintain one’s health to the optimal level.Most nutritional values such as protein, energy, carbohydrates, fats and most minerals can be obtained by food sources.Most college campuses have dining facilities that provide a variety of food options, which can lead to establishing either good or bad eating behaviors.Purpose: The purpose of this study was to examine college students’ eating habits and knowledge of nutritional requirements for health.As individuals transition from home to college life, nutritional knowledge becomes more important because food options change and dietary challenges arise.Traditional oncampus students use college dining facilities to eat meals.


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