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” The percentage of those who supported, opposed or were neutral were 11.9, 41.4, and 46.7%, respectively.These results suggest that the overall attitude of the Chinese consumer is cautious of GM food.

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There has been a general lack of fundamental studies on the public’s scientific perception and policy interpretation of GM food.

Moreover, the scope of previous surveys has been limited to a few of the largest cities in developed areas of China, with little or no coverage of rural areas.

A statistically relevant sample size of 2063 questionnaires were satisfactorily completed.

The findings in this survey provide insight into Chinese consumers and offer a possible path for “smart” industrialization of GM technologies in China.

Chinese consumers were surveyed for their awareness, knowledge, and opinion on GM food.

The survey resulted in 11.9, 41.4, and 46.7% of respondents having a positive, neutral, or negative view on GM food, respectively.The government has invested heavily in research and development of technologies to improve quality and increase the output of its foodstuffs, especially grains.GM technology provides a such feasible approach to realize these goals.” The percentage of those who supported, opposed or were neutral to GM pharmaceuticals was 46.8, 12.8, and 40.4%, respectively.Support for GM pharmaceuticals was higher than that found for GM food and again, there were many in the neutral category.A minority of respondents (11.7%) claimed they understood the basic principles of GM technology, while most were either “neutral” or “unfamiliar with GM technology”.Most respondents (69.3%) obtained their information on GM food through the Internet and 64.3% of respondents thought that media coverage was predominately negative on GM food.GM technology was first introduced in the pharmaceutical industry and then applied to agriculture.Did the public’s skepticism originate from GM food safety or GM technology itself? “If GM technology is applied in medical area to produce medicine, such as insulin and hepatitis B vaccine, what is your opinion?China comprises 20% of the world’s population, 25% of the world’s grain output, 7% of the world’s arable land, and 35% of the world’s use of agricultural chemicals.Consequently, China faces risks to its food security and pollution of the environment.


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