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Parents also became distracted with e-books, tending to talk less about the story and more about the device itself.

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MONDAY, March 25, 2019 (Health Day News) -- When it comes to reading to toddlers, apparently there is no substitute for an old-fashioned book.

That's according to new research that found paper books foster better parent-child interactions than electronic books do.

This held true even when comparing print books against very basic e-readers that don't contain distracting elements like sound effects or animation, noted lead researcher Dr. She is a fellow in developmental behavior pediatrics at the University of Michigan's C. Mott Children's Hospital."Parents and children also had a lower quality of interaction over even this basic electronic book without these fancier features," Munzer said. These devices do not lend themselves to a shared experience." Parents and toddlers talked more when reading print books, and were more apt to work together to perform tasks like holding the book and turning pages, Munzer and her colleagues found.

Toddlers presented with an e-book became more focused on the tasks of tapping or swiping the screen, instead of focusing on the story being told or the parent reading to them.

The basic e-books allowed for swiping to turn the pages and tapping illustrations to elicit the appearance of words, but there was no auto-narration or sound effects.

The enhanced e-books carried all the bells and whistles -- tapping a picture of a dog might cause the dog to bark or move about, or turning the page to a beach would produce the sound of an ocean wave crashing.


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