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Competition This section provides you with an opportunity to analyze your competition. Be sure to include their years of experience and some of their notable achievements.This will go a long way when pitching to prospective investors.Market Summary Ideally, this section should help you look back at some of the market shifts, trends, players and changes in market shares. Are there foreseeable challenges that might eat into your bottom line?

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The final thing you have to do with your real estate business plan is put the nuts & bolts together.

This is the section where you take your three big priorities and layout how they will be achieved.

For example, a person who is focusing on capturing 50 web leads for month might have the following 5 strategies for their priority: Here’s a hint: The articles we write at Easy Agent Pro are usually strategy based. Simply go look for 5 Easy Agent Pro articles, and you’ll instantly have 5 strategies to implement to achieve your social media goals.

Bonus: If you really want to make progress with this real estate business plan, you’ll want to establish deadlines for everything on your plan.

You can pick a short-term reward priority, middle-term, and long-term.

This will ensure you get leads now while also making you work on more longer term lead generation projects.From making pitches that can sell properties effectively, to creating compelling presentations that will draw in more funding. Surprisingly, many entrepreneurs still think that business plans are just for startups, or just another document for loan applications. The truth is, business plans can do so much more to a business, especially one in the real estate sector where businesses need to be strategic, competitive and recession-proof. This tool allows you to take a step back and look at the larger picture.This real estate tool is designed to offer just that. Set priorities Real estate sector can be chaotic, and it’s easy to get lost amidst the noise.Goal: ,000 in revenue by end of 2015 Priorities: Capture 100 leads per month with a website within 3 months, Prospect from 9am to 11am everyday starting now, and Send 5 piece of mail to every expired listing starting now Do you see how all of those tasks have a deadline associated with them?That will hold you accountable and help you see better results with your marketing.For example, a good selection would be: [Short-term] Increase my expired prospecting by hiring a seller listing agent [Middle-term] Invest in a Lead Site and focus on SEO growth [Longer-Term] Implement an automated email sequence that stays in touch with all leads If you’re in need of ideas for this section of the real estate business plan, here’s a list of them: The key with this section is to be actionable in your approach. …instead say “Have 1,000 Likes On My Facebook Page” Or better yet: “Have 500 people visit my lead capture website from Facebook monthly” These actionable goals within your priority will guide your daily tasks.They will tell you what to do when and how to do it.Here are some of the benefits of having a well-thought-out business plan: See the whole business This tool has been curated to connect the dots in your business, allowing you to get a better picture of your systems. This business plan will help you keep track of the most important things allowing you to allocate resources, time and effort strategically.It will help you determine how your strategy relates to your tactics and your business’ strategic alignment. Manage Change A good business plan will help you track your progress, review assumptions and be on top of market trends for competitiveness.You can use your business plan to put your numbers and indicators in perspective.This template has several sections that help you put everything into perspective.


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