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I aim to prove that while there are benefits to illegal immigration it seriously outweighs the disadvantages because it deprives the rightful citizens of the decent employment opportunities, decent wages and exposes us to the terrorist threat.Statistics shows that illegal immigrants represent around 4% to 7% of the entire US population.

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As you complete the section about each group of people, take 2-3 minutes to discuss their point of view and summarize their main ideas about illegal immigrants. Senate Hearts Appeal for Immigration Reform This video and blog examine the two differing sides of the current immigration reform debate. Pew Hispanic Center The site provides statistical information and studies about America’s Hispanic population and has specific links dedicated to immigration issues Have students learn about the steps are for becoming a U. Prososki has worked with PBS Teacher Source and has authored and edited many lesson plans and materials for various PBS programs over the past nine years.

Immigration is not per se bad for the United States.

The issue in this essay is whether illegal immigration, or the situation when immigrants enter the territory of a particular nation without authorization coming from the said country or having entered the territory of a particular country with authorization they either overstay their visa or violate the terms and conditions of their visa, is prejudicial to our country.

I believe that it is time for the United States to start giving preferential attention to the United States citizens.

Secondary current events, political science, social studies, U. history, civics, debate, and communication arts classes Three 90-minute or five 50-minute class periods plus additional time for extension activities.


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