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It is simple to find and use primary sources online.Many universities, museums and government agencies have digital databases that can be accessed for educational purposes.... The remaining parts of the unit consisted of various activities practicing these skills, by either discussing, answering questions, writing responses, or in-class projects such as a creating campaign poster.Secondary Sources Secondary sources offer an analysis or a restatement of primary sources.

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Motion pictures are more commonly well-known as sources and created for entertainment purposes. This has some valuable resources for the study of history in many respects.

They may or may not be representational, and some may include writing or printing.

One example activity from this unit plan includes having the students compare perspectives from various nations, and using prior knowledge to come to conclusions as to why these perspectives existed.

These activities provide students with experience and practice using primary sources as well as critically thinking about documents and other information in general....

Some secondary sources not only analyze primary sources, but also use them to argue a contention or persuade the reader to hold a certain opinion.

Examples of secondary sources include dictionaries, encyclopedias, textbooks, and books and articles that interpret, analyze, or review research works.

Visual materials, such as photos, original artwork, posters, and films are important primary sources, not only for the factual information they contain, but also for the insight they may provide into how people view their world.

Primary sources may also include sets of data, such as census statistics, which have been tabulated but not interpreted.

There are also different sources of law that require different approaches to research. [tags: Common law, Case law, Law, Precedent] - Films as Primary Sources for History If a picture is worth a thousand words than how much is a moving picture, or movie, worth.

In the study of history, the usage of movies as primary sources is controversial.


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