Pop Art Consumerism Essay

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Andy Warhol is most associate with Pop Art, born in 1930 in Pittsburgh he has created some of the most iconic images for example; Campbell’s Soup Can (1968) and 80 TWO Dollar Bills (Front and Rear) (1962) states Honnef, 2004 (Pg 86).

Warhol’s working methods is a process of ‘action and reaction’, he purposely leaves borders open between production, product and reproduction states Osterworld, 2007 (Pg 167).

ACW 1 Pop Art Movement The art movement I have chosen to study is Pop Art, before I decided on the movement of my choice I looked at other movements such as Impressionism and Surrealism.

Both of these movements had their own unique qualities however, I found Pop Art very intriguing and wanted to look further into the movement.

In 1999 the Roy Lictenitsten foundation was set up.

Some of his most famous works include ‘Takka Takka (1962) and M-maybe (1965).

Lichtenstein followed a series of steps to create his ‘dotted’ images, firstly ‘was to project the original canvas with the aid of a projector, therefore creating a similarity between mechanical production and the world of trivial feelings.

He then covered the face with a dot pattern’, states Honnef, 2004.

His abstractions and jumbled perspectives give an impression that ‘things’ in the picture are moving, in his works he plays with light effects with the lighting of interiors and colour rhythms states Osterworld, 2007 (Pg 183).

He further developed his work by using different technical reproduction methods, the effects of everyday life and peoples viewing habits such as; photography, film and television played a huge impact, states Osterworld, 2007 (Pg 184.


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