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It was, however, upon inquiry found that this Frenchman who died in Bearbinder Lane was one who, having lived in Long Acre, near the infected houses, had removed for fear of the distemper, not knowing that he was already infected.

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Southwark was entirely free, having not one yet died on that side of the water.

I lived without Aldgate, about midway between Aldgate Church and Whitechappel Bars, on the left hand or north side of the street; and as the distemper had not reached to that side of the city, our neighbourhood continued very easy.

Till this week the city continued free, there having never any died, except that one Frenchman whom I mentioned before, within the whole ninety-seven parishes.

Now there died four within the city, one in Wood Street, one in Fenchurch Street, and two in Crooked Lane.

From the beginning of April especially they stood at twenty-five each week, till the week from the 18th to the 25th, when there was buried in St Giles's parish thirty, whereof two of the plague and eight of the spotted-fever, which was looked upon as the same thing; likewise the number that died of the spotted-fever in the whole increased, being eight the week before, and twelve the week above-named.

This alarmed us all again, and terrible apprehensions were among the people, especially the weather being now changed and growing warm, and the summer being at hand.

For example:— From December 27 to January 3 { St Giles's 16 " { St Andrew's 17 " January 3 " " 10 { St Giles's 12 " { St Andrew's 25 " January 10 " " 17 { St Giles's 18 " { St Andrew's 28 " January 17 " " 24 { St Giles's 23 " { St Andrew's 16 " January 24 " " 31 { St Giles's 24 " { St Andrew's 15 " January 30 " February 7 { St Giles's 21 " { St Andrew's 23 " February 7 " " 14 { St Giles's 24 The like increase of the bills was observed in the parishes of St Bride's, adjoining on one side of Holborn parish, and in the parish of St James, Clerkenwell, adjoining on the other side of Holborn; in both which parishes the usual numbers that died weekly were from four to six or eight, whereas at that time they were increased as follows:— From December 20 to December 27 { St Bride's 0 " { St James's 8 " December 27 to January 3 { St Bride's 6 " { St James's 9 " January 3 " " 10 { St Bride's 11 " { St James's 7 " January 10 " " 17 { St Bride's 12 " { St James's 9 " January 17 " " 24 { St Bride's 9 " { St James's 15 " January 24 " " 31 { St Bride's 8 " { St James's 12 " January 31 " February 7 { St Bride's 13 " { St James's 5 " February 7 " " 14 { St Bride's 12 " { St James's 6 Besides this, it was observed with great uneasiness by the people that the weekly bills in general increased very much during these weeks, although it was at a time of the year when usually the bills are very moderate.

The usual number of burials within the bills of mortality for a week was from about 240 or thereabouts to 300.

The last was esteemed a pretty high bill; but after this we found the bills successively increasing as follows:— This last bill was really frightful, being a higher number than had been known to have been buried in one week since the preceding visitation of 1656.

However, all this went off again, and the weather proving cold, and the frost, which began in December, still continuing very severe even till near the end of February, attended with sharp though moderate winds, the bills decreased again, and the city grew healthy, and everybody began to look upon the danger as good as over; only that still the burials in St Giles's continued high.


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