Pesticide Essay

Fur­ther, as it goes up the food chain, it concentrates more and more, and the effect is cumulative.

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A great variety of them is in use, either singly or in combination, under different technical and trade names.

Therefore, precautions have to be taken for the presence of pesticide residues on foods to ensure that the quantities remaining on a fruit, vegetable, grain or animal product are reduced to such levels that do not pose any health hazard to human beings.

The adverse effects of using insecticides have become of vital concern these days, to the extent that opinions favors to limiting the use of insecticides.

The extensive use of insecticides became a cause of concern, however, when some of their harmful side-effects were observed.

On both the fronts, i.e., that of agriculture and human health, on the basis of quantitative results, it became evident that in the long range, the use of insecticides is not in the overall interest of man Rachel Carson alerted the nation against the use of pesticides in her book Silent Spring.


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