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However, the reading passages in Lesson A and B differ in two ways.

However, the reading passages in Lesson A and B differ in two ways.Firstly, they both offer different perspectives on the unit theme.Meaningful and authentic content from National Geographic stimulates learners’ curiosity and participation.

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ISBN: 978-1-133-94213-9.] Reviewed by Lynette Airey, Bunkyo University , a content-based text, is the second of a five-book series aimed at improving students’ academic literacy through individual, pair, and group learning exercises using high interest and relevant themes from National Geographic material.

The students’ Online Workbook provides students with additional exercises to work through on their own, and teachers can monitor students’ progress and provide feedback and extra activities online.

All video clips and audio material are available in the online workbook.

The students’ textbook includes the script of the video clips, grammar and reading skill summaries, and writing and research tips as well as a glossary.

Communication skills are taught and practiced through realistic contexts designed to model the academic classroom.

Presentation skills, including organization, preparation, and delivery techniques, are introduced and practiced in every unit, sharpening learners’ ability to interact in different academic settings.Such work prior to reading certainly satisfies research results conducted by Hulstijn and Laufer (as cited in Lightbown & Spada, 2013, p.64), a study that focuses on the Involvement Load Hypothesis in vocabulary acquisition.Opportunities for critical thinking throughout each unit prepare learners to succeed in the academic classroom.File size: 113 MB File type: PDF, MP3 Download one of these links (FREE): * Link 1 * Link 2 * Link 3 * Link 4 * Link 5 * Link 6 Fast Web Browser: FREE DOWNLOAD IELTS: 1. Students reflect, analyze, and critically evaluate information and then express opinions and relate information to their personal experience. Several students in my class found this difficult initially but eventually enjoyed the challenge—especially after viewing the video clips, where the content in Lesson A and the video is synthesized, requiring students to think more deeply about the topic. The vocabulary-reading lessons provide the language, content, and academic skill, while the video acts as a content bridge, and the writing tasks consolidate the unit.Each unit starts with discussions of colourful visuals which set the mood for the unit theme, exposing students to the key concepts they will be encountering.Secondly, the reading text in Lesson A is a straight reading passage of about 450 words, whereas in Lesson B the content is expressed in a variety of formats, including graphs, diagrams, maps, and photographs, requiring students to interpret numerical or pictorial data.Woven throughout the text is the emphasis on critical thinking, an essential skill in an academic environment (Gibbons, 2009).


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