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According to websites that I researched, more than half (61%) of the children (771,700) were victims of neglect, meaning a parent or guardian failed to provide for the child's basic needs.Forms of neglect include educational neglect (360,500), physical neglect (295,300), and emotional neglect (193,400).If teenagers are seriously itching to get gestating and they don’t know what to do with their time, they can at least study assiduously for the examinations below.

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Licenses are commonly needed for everyday uses, such as driving, hunting or serving liquor.

But why we don’t need to have a license to have a baby?

This is more than a mere “problem”—it is an appallingly tragic reduction of a life before that life even began.

Children born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome consistently have mental retardation, poor impulse and anger control, facial defects, poor memory, motor skills, social skills, judgement, and sensory integration skills.

Parenting might be one of the most challenging jobs in the life.

It is a job that we cannot quit and do not get paid.

For example: Are 7-Up and Twinkies a nutritious lunch?

Should babies be beaten with a spatula to prevent bed-wetting? The exam should be rigorous, lengthy, and require concentrated study beforehand on topics such as Nutrition, Safety, Behavioral Development, Hygiene, Empathy, and Non-Violent Discipline.

Additionally, all prospective parents need to pass a psychological evaluation to eliminate anyone who is volatile, immature, and dangerous.

Two present tests that are already available are the Child Abuse Potential Inventory with its 160 questions, and the Kempe Family Stress Check List, with its strong predictive success—80% of abusive families record high scores on this survey.


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