Organizing Thoughts For Essays

The topic sentence is typically the first sentence of a paragraph, and it should clearly state the main idea that you will develop throughout the paragraph.If a topic sentence is too general, the paragraph will often be lengthy and unfocused.

In our example, the information provided in the supporting sentences (sentences 2-6) explains to the reader why mice are good model organisms for studying biological processes and medical conditions.

The supporting evidence includes information about why mice are easy to raise, how easy it is to control their living environments, and the genetic advantages to using mice as model organisms for translational studies of human disease processes.

Unlike their human counterparts, mice can be studied in a carefully controlled environment.

It is also relatively easy for researchers to manipulate diet composition, food availability, exercise, and other environmental factors that can contribute to differences in physiological outcomes in mice.

The appropriate use of introductory words and phrases can also help to clarify conceptual connections within a paragraph.

Readers appreciate when the authors make these conceptual connections clear rather than relying on the reader to make these connections on their own.It is also important to keep in mind that a paragraph may come across as being disjointed (with no clear or logical progression of thought) when the conceptual connections within the paragraph are missing or poorly developed.This issue can be resolved by adding a sentence to lead into the following statement or by revising the existing sentences so that they lead from one into the next.In this situation, the paragraph can be organized into two (or sometimes more) paragraphs, each with a topic sentence that has a more reasonable scope based on the available supporting evidence.Ideally, your readers should be able to quickly identify the main ideas and scope of your paper simply by reading every topic sentence.If a paragraph is written well, its main message can be understood without the need for preceding or following material.Paragraphs that are well designed can help a writer construct an argument in stages and can be thought of as “signposts” to guide a reader through the argument.Second, good writing can contribute to the author’s credibility in the eyes of the reader.A well-written paragraph can give readers the impression that the author is careful, methodical, and focused, which can make your readers more receptive to the ideas you present.Because of their genetic similarity to humans, mice have been used to pioneer genetic manipulation technologies, such as gene overexpression and gene knockout and knockdown models at the whole-organism level or in specific tissues.These technological breakthroughs in genetics research have fueled several decades of rapid discovery and knowledge expansion in many biomedical fields.


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