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Using visually descriptive and evocative words will help.

If you are able to break it down into some simple, practical, and actionable steps, however, it can become less so.

Word has its benefits, but at the end of the day, it is clunky, linear, and not ideal for writing anything longer.

For a complex and comprehensive writing software, you can check out Scrivener (read the full review here).

Ask yourself why we would want to read about or watch your doctor.”Begin by focusing on small elements of it or the person.

If you are describing a field, start with the green grass, move onto the sky, and the background elements in the distance.It is a popular option among novelists, and it will help you in a lot of incredible ways.If you want something sleek and simple, but still more powerful and organized than Word, you may find you like Squibler.Make sure it is an idea that can be fleshed out enough to be a whole novel.The market is saturated with novels these days – of varying quality and originality.Having an office to yourself will give you a quiet, personal space to do productive work.You can decorate the walls with art, pictures, quotes – anything that brings you peace and inspiration.If you have an office, or room for one in your home, this is ideal.If you don’t already have a desk, get one that you are comfortable with that has lots of space.Here’s a PDF you can use that we specifically made for you.You can download the entire 5-page PDF on “The Complete Guide to Writing a Novel” right here.


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