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“Marine confesses to Chris that Jeff and she are going to get married.” You can choose whatever ending you like as long as you stick to the basic pattern: exposition-rising action-climax-resolution.We have provided an example of a real outline for you (please see below).To write a good narrative essay, you can use common guidelines for writing any type of essay: descriptive essay, expository essay or reflective essay.

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Main features: of average height, dark hair, brown eyes.” Remember that an outline is mainly your personal notes to help you write a well-structured essay, so you can organize them they way that suits you best.Thus, a narrative begins with exposition in which background information is given, characters are introduced and setting is revealed: “Setting: St.Andrew High School, Stockton, CA, early September 2011.Develop the most essential elements of your story: characters, plot, setting, and description.Please make sure that your essay follows the general rule of narrative – the unity of time, setting and plot.A narrative essay outline has a thesis statement specifying a clear argument.“I have studied French hard and now I am fluent in it.” A good essay writer is supposed to start his work on the essay with a topic sentence.The rising action provides details on a series of events that complicate things for the protagonist creating tension in the story.“Chris has wanted to invite his French-speaking friend Marine out, but he is in doubt as she might refuse.It is not enough just to express your point of view.Try to support your thesis statement with good arguments.


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