Mystery Shopping Assignment

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So he couldn’t immediately begin his strange mystery shopper duties. And they especially love wire transfers done through services like Western Union and Ria — where both the sender and receiver can be almost anonymous.

Once you send the money through such a service, it’s typically gone forever with no way to track it. Turner went down to the local Walmart and sent $1,800 to two strangers as Salvador had instructed.

First, a person known only as “Salvador” sent Turner a check for $2,450.

His instructions said that she should deposit the money into her own bank account.

These terms also describe a variety of reasons why PNC would put a more extended hold on a check that a customer deposits.

Most of these reasons have to do with the trust and track record the customer has developed with the bank. She took a look at the two wire transfer receipts and noticed that she could check the status of the transfers.This story is an unfortunate tale of the importance of taking heed of the basic premise: “If it sounds too good to be true — it probably is.” “I received an email from my fiancé about secret shopper opportunities at Walmart,” Turner recalled.“After careful consideration, we both decided to pursue becoming mystery shoppers.” Turner and her fiancé applied for the position and soon received texts of their acceptance as “customer support conducting agents.” Any unsolicited job opportunity that arrives via email or text should always be considered suspect.And although the title sounded official to Turner, what followed can only be described as complicated shenanigans designed to steal as much money from Turner and her fiancé as possible.In her request for help from our advocacy team, Turner enclosed a four-page letter describing how this mystery shopper scam operated.After Turner completed her two wire transfers, Salvador had more mystery shopper tasks for her.He told her that she should buy 0 in i Tunes cards. “Salvador, then said he would send me the address of the charity that I should mail the cards to,” Turner recalled.In a panic, Turner contacted her bank and asked what they could do to retrieve her money.That’s when she learned that would be responsible for covering the phony check and all overdraft fees.Turner’s bank, PNC, explains how these funds become available: However, that doesn’t mean that the check has actually cleared.And if it doesn’t clear, the customer will still be on the hook for the value of the check.


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