My Work Experience Essay

I gained my degree in Law in 2010 which provided me with my initial insight into legal studies.

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However, with this job, I have further developed the skills that will be needed for any job position.

Dear Sir/Madam, Application for Paralegal Position I am writing to apply for the position of Paralegal.

However, this has improved overtime as I worked more often.

At the student lounge, my ultimate role is to manage the lounge and ensure that whoever walks whether being students, faculty or guest visiting the campus, overall feel welcome.

That being said, this was a completely different work environment than what I had previously worked in.

Gone With The Wind Theme Essay - My Work Experience Essay

Starting work at the lounge was challenging at times because I had to get used to doing the hourly tasks and answering questions individuals had that I was not familiar with.I gain the experience in writing and drafting various Agreements, Contracts, Memoranda, Resolutions, Board Minutes and official letters using precedent documents.It was a part of our daily routine to conduct due diligence and Performing Companies House searches and registrations, and creation of transaction bibles.When working, I am allowed to work on homework and study as long as I am working on school work.This is definitely helpful because as a college freshman, in the beginning as I was learning to adjust to the heavy work load this took an ease off the stress.Business and Solicitors Accounts as well as financing of the Company are familiar to me as also the consequences of Insolvency, Liquidation and related Company/Personal Insolvency Procedures.I currently work as a Personal Injury Paralegal at XYZ.Although this is a work study position, I enjoy that the office ensures that everything is going well for the student workers.Along with this, every month the entire student lounge staff meets to discuss any future events that will be happening at the lounge.Entering into the workforce for your first time marks just the beginning into the world of adulthood.Despite the fact that it is an exciting thing to be able to make your own money and learn to be more self-dependent, it is challenging at first to balance between work and school and still have a social life.


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