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The middle decades of 20th century saw introduction of television and other modes of communication which were the sign of events to come.Multimedia according to Tay Vaughan is defined as set of mediums that are grouped together to make up one large entity that fulfils the requirements in number of ways.

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With digital graphics all around, multimedia finds its applications in the field of advertising.

Every channel is dependent on the advertisements for managing the finances and expenses, attractive multimedia techniques are naturally bound to attract customers towards themselves, therefore they are thickly used for the advertising campaigns.

This research guide identifies materials for basic and advanced research in communication.

It lists a variety of sources, including databases, reference works, and Internet sites useful for the study of advertising, interpersonal and organizational communication, journalism, mass media, public relations, and speechmaking.

The Nicholson School of Communication is part of the College of Sciences and offers majors, minors, and graduate degrees in advertising/public relations, interpersonal and organizational communication, journalism, and radio-television.

Multimedia Technology While Internet service providers and networking companies finally begin adjusting to the startling growth of the Internet, a new technological wave is about to break that threatens to further shake the assumptions they have made about the net-centric computing marketplace.The technological era introduced advanced machines and other tools that laid a foundation for what we have today.The industrial age gave rise to the field of science and technology and efforts started on laboratory level for the benefit and well being of mankind.For control processors, it means making faster and more reliable decisions about the lanes into which the traffic should be directed. For the third, multimedia information implies that the header information on each packet contains more and more complex information about the data types, when they are to arrive and where, in what sequence and on the quality of the data delivered. transport layer protocols for multi path transport of multimedia data, multimedia traffic partitioning, and a brief information about Multi-flow Realtime Transport Protocol (MRTP ... 2 Multimedia Data The word multimedia is made up of the two Latin words " Multi" = "numerous" and " Media" = "medium" = "intermediary." In information field, Multimedia means ... Except for the videogame enthusiasts at one end of the spectrum and professional users who needed advanced graphics capabilities for business at the other, the average consumer saw no compelling reason to pay extra for that kind of capability. This has been the crux of the legal battle between Diamond Multimedia ... The possibility of higher bandwidth into the home via digital subscriber line (DSL) and cable modem, and the general acceptance of new streaming media standards such as MPEG-4 have made multimedia content available to desktop systems via the Internet. 1995 Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, Grolier Electronic Publishing, ... Often system vendors would use multimedia capabilities as a lure to give consumers that extra reason to buy a system, promoting and even funding the development of content-mostly CD-ROM-based- to give away free with their products. capabilities integrated into the same session (and this includes video conferencing in the further future). Suddenly, a pull market has appeared, and a variety of content providers are offering their products for downloading or for viewing in real-time from the Web. to Internet Protocol Television with content being viewed through technologies used for computer networks ... There, as Rajiv Khemani, director of network processor software marketing at Intel Corp., points out in his contribution to the section, to move data efficiently at least three types of processing chores need to be handled: data, control and management. In addition, the transport layer protocols for multi path transport of multimedia data, multimedia traffic partitioning, and a brief information ... For the first, where the main job is not to understand the nature of the data contained in the packets, the task is to simply move as many as possible as fast as possible. (Finley) The introduction of multimedia into the equation makes the job of all three much more complex. Multimedia transmissions, depending on the degree of compression, mean more data, putting additional pressure on the data processors.


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